• I have temporomandibular disorder. Can i practice mewing ?

  • Maintaining correct oral posture can assist in repositioning the TMJ into its natural resting position. Although mewing may worsen TMJ problems for some individuals, the majority of users claim that their TMJ issues actually improve.

    Improper oral posture due to mouth breathing and lack of tongue space is the root cause of TMJ issues. Keeping teeth apart and mandible retracted can cause the TMJ joint to remodel in the wrong position over time. Forward head posture worsens TMD even more. Current therapies treat only symptoms, not the root cause, and have a 50% long-term success rate.

    Splints treat symptoms and make the problem worse, while moving teeth around has limited success. Mewing can help improve TMJ issues as it encourages proper posture, moves the TMJ back into its correct resting position, and creates more room for the tongue. McKenzie chin tucks and proper tongue posture can also stabilize the TMJ joint into its proper position.

    As Mike Mew has said; 

    “From a postural perspective, a whole different approach seems logical and almost too simple. When they bite together, the joint is not centric, so is not balanced; it’s over-closed, with the head of the jaw joint set in the top back of the joint often squeezing the disk out of the way, possibly causing great damage.” – Dr. Mike Mew

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  • @Mewing what teeth position should be ideal for someone with tmj 

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