•  am an 13 year old with a recessed chin and a overbite.I have a recessed chin and a very small jaw when biting with my molars. I usually move my jaw forward wantedly so that my chin does not appear short. I have 3 questions,Screenshot 2023-12-06 175001.png
    *BITING with MOLARS*

     if you could answer any one of it i would be extremely happy.
    1.Will putting traditional metal braces bring my jaw forward with the growing stage (14 to 15) ?
    2.Will my jaw hurt when i bring my jaw forward wantedly when i put braces.
    3.What can i do naturally to bring my jaw forward after braces?
    4.Will mewing work only when you bite your molars or will it work even if i dont bite my molars (As in the second picture)
    I know you will be busy but please take a look.
    Thank you

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