Is chewing for everyone? And how to chew properly

  • I heard someone mention not to pursue chewing if you have small recessed jaw as it causes the face to bloat rather than the desired structured and squareish look. If there is a proper way to chew without causing bloating how do we do so. And also is it normal for the face to bloat after chewing?

  • I would like to warn all mewing_journal and MewingHub potential clients. 
    I bought a bundle of 5 online consulting sessions from patrick (the owner of mewing_journal and a part of the mewing hub team).
    After the first session he stopped answering my messages.
    It has been going on for weeks. I can see he is online and active, yet he is ignoring my messages all together. I would highly recommend against buying or paying anything from or to him. save youselves the heasache and money

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