Uneven Mewing, pls help

  • I am 22 and I right this because I feel hopeless and desperate.


    A few days ago, I realized I have been doing incorrect mewing for 4years (probably not engaging the whole tongue and applying uneven tongue pressure). I developed what I believe to be TMD 2years ago, at first it was horrible, then it got better and a few weeks ago it got a lot worse than it ever was (constant popping in my right ear now, when I only had tinnitus before).

    So basically, I have been mouth breathing most of my life due to allergies hitting me around 8yo I believe. I have a very asymmetrical face and body: my RIGHT eye,jaw,ear… are lower than on my LEFT side (btw I am pretty sure that I am doing uneven mewing, I can’t be 100% sure idk how to be, and if I am correct, I think I am pressing less if not at all on the right side of my tongue), I THINK the right side of my palate is higher than the left side, my LEFT shoulder/pectoral are higher than on the right side (I believe this is called right BC pattern), I could not figure out by myself if I have Left AIC but I guess I do.

    I also do not know if my palate is too narrow and if one side is wider than the other, I don’t know how to figure it out.

    I read about lateral strain on Mewing.world which does look like what I have, I also read about Left AIC Right BD pattern which also does look like what I have, so I am just lost now. I don’t know what I have, I can’t figure it out by myself.

    I don’t know if I can ever correct it, I have kinda lost hope. I am so scared because I can’t keep doing mewing incorrectly, scared that it will worsen my TMD condition and my asymmetrical features. But I also can’t not mew right? As it is the rightful position of the tongue.


    Sorry for my English, please help me.

  • Bro please go to a dentist/ actual doctor

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