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Mewing Masterclass

Mewing Appliance (set)

Mewing Appliance (set)

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🌟 Transform Your Smile & Bite 

🌟Learn To Properly Mew

🌟Mew in your sleep



✨Introducing the Revolutionary Mewing Appliance Set


Embark on a journey to perfect alignment with the Mewing Appliance set, featuring 3 innovative appliances designed to harmonize your tongue posture, align your teeth, and redefine your facial aesthetics.         

🔑 Key Benefits:

👅 Optimal Tongue Posture: the Mewing Appliance promotes proper tongue positioning, crucial for facial structure and dental health.

🦷 Progressive Teeth Alignment: Experience a gradual, natural shift towards a more alligned bite, enhancing your smile's beauty.

😴 Say Goodbye to Sleep Apnea: The MewBrace's unique design aids in reducing snoring and mitigating sleep apnea symptoms, leading to restful nights.

🛌 Nighttime Mewing: Simply wear your Mewing appliance at night and let it work its magic while you sleep, effortlessly improving your dental structure. 


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How to use the Mew Brace ?

Stage 1: Soft Aligners

Begin with a gentle fit, wearing them for 1-2 months as you ease into your alignment journey.

Stage 2: Medium Elasticity -

Move on to moderate adjustments with a firmer grip, transitioning over 2-3 months towards a More alligned bite; and Improved Mewing

Stage 3: Stiff Material

Finish strong with the firmest aligners for the final alignment touch, used for 3-6 months to cement your radiant smile.

Common questions

🤔 Am I a good candidate ?

Please consult with a dental professional before beginning your MewBrace journey to ensure it's the right fit for your dental needs.

MewBrace is an adjunct to, not a replacement for, professional orthodontic advice and treatment.

⏳ How Long Should does it Take to see results?

Results with MewBrace can appear as early as one month with daily use.

Expect noticeable improvements by the end of Stage 2 (2-3 months), and significant alignment by Stage 3 (3-6 months).

Stay consistent for the best outcome! 🌟🦷⌛️

📅 How long does shipping take?

Due to the incredible demand for the Mewing Ring, our shipping timeline is currently 3-5 weeks.

We're doing everything we can to speed this up and appreciate your patience!

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