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Mewing Academie

Mewing Academie

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Sluit je aan bij een exclusieve Mewing Academy!

Welkom bij de Mewing Academy , een exclusieve community ontworpen voor individuen die gepassioneerd zijn door het beheersen van de kunst van het miauwen.

Onze academie is meer dan alleen een leerplatform; het is een gemeenschap waar toegewijde medewerkers samenkomen om hun ervaringen, voortgang en inzichten te delen.

Het hart van onze academie is Patrick, bekend als de " Mewing Guru " op YouTube.

Sluit je aan bij een exclusieve gemeenschap van toegewijde Mewers en maak deel uit van de miauwgemeenschap!

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How to Use The Mewing Ring ?

How to Use the Mewing Ring - Mewinghub

Place It Right 👌

Begin your transformation by placing the soft silicone centerpiece of The Mewing Ring directly onto the middle of your tongue.

It's the first step towards a healthier tongue posture!

Improve your Mewing Technique - MewingRing

Lift with Ease 🛫

Next, gently raise your tongue, ensuring The Mewing Ring is snug against your palate.

This motion is crucial for proper mewing and should feel like a natural extension of your tongue's movement.

Learn to Correctly Mew and change your Jawline - MewingHub

Feel the Fit 🤔

If you are not mewing correctly, the Mewing Ring will let you know!

It's designed to become less comfortable when you're not mewing correctly, giving you that instant nudge to adjust your tongue for perfect alignment.

Common questions

🤔 What material is the Mewing Ring made of?

The Mewing Ring is crafted from premium, non-toxic silicon that’s gentle on your mouth but tough enough for daily use. It's completely BPA-free, ensuring safety and comfort for your mewing journey.

📅 How long does shipping take?

Due to the incredible demand for the Mewing Ring, our shipping timeline is currently 3-5 weeks.

We're doing everything we can to speed this up and appreciate your patience!

🧼 How should I clean the Mewing Ring?

The Mewing Ring should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water after each use.

Ensure it's rinsed thoroughly and allowed to air dry before storing.

This will help maintain hygiene and prolong the life of your Mewing Ring.

⏳ How Long Should I keep the mewing ring in my Mouth ?

Limit your use of the Mewing Ring to between 20 and 40 minutes per day.

This duration is ideal for engaging in productive exercise without overstraining your muscles.

Remember The mewing ring is an Exercicde tool and is not meant to be worn for long periods of time.