Amazing 1 year Before & After Mewing Transformation

Side-by-side comparison of before and after photos of a man's one-year mewing transformation, showing enhanced jawline definition and attractiveness.

 Remarkable One-Year Mewing Transformation: Before and After Analysis

Mewing, a technique that has taken the looksmax community by storm, promises facial structure improvements through proper tongue posture.

The images provided here present a compelling case study of a mewing transformation over one year. This transformation showcases the potential benefits of consistent and dedicated practice of this technique.


1 Year Mewing Before and After: An Incredible transformation


Understanding Mewing and Its Popularity

Mewing is a form of facial exercise that involves resting the tongue against the roof of the mouth while keeping the lips closed and teeth lightly touching.

Developed by Dr. John Mew, this technique is said to reshape the jawline, enhance the cheekbones, and contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

6 years mewing before and after

The image above shows the 6 year Mewing Before & After from a famous Mewing influencer (Astrosky)

Analyzing the Transformation

The before-and-after photos exhibit noticeable changes in jawline definition, cheek prominence, and overall facial symmetry.

1 year Mewing Before & After

In the 'before' image, the jaw appears less defined, with a slightly recessed chin. The 'after' image reveals a more pronounced jawline and a forward position of the chin, suggesting an improved facial alignment.

Jawline and Chin

The transformation highlights a strengthened jawline and a more prominent chin. This is indicative of the mewing practice, where the correct tongue posture can influence the mandible, potentially leading to a more defined jaw.

Cheekbones and Midface

There is also a visible enhancement in the cheekbone area, which appears more lifted in the 'after' image. Mewing enthusiasts claim that maintaining proper tongue posture can lead to subtle shifts in the midface, resulting in higher, more pronounced cheekbones.

Facial Symmetry

Facial symmetry appears improved, with the 'after' image showing a more balanced profile. While genetics play a significant role in facial structure, mewing proponents believe that consistent practice can help in optimizing natural symmetry.



The one-year mewing transformation depicted in these images is indeed impressive. While individual results may vary and the scientific community continues to debate the efficacy of mewing, the visual changes in this case are notable.

Suction based mewing

For those in the looksmax community or anyone interested in facial aesthetics, mewing presents an intriguing option to consider in their personal enhancement journey.

As with any such technique, it's important to approach mewing with realistic expectations and understand that changes can be subtle and gradual. Consulting with a professional is also advisable before embarking on a new practice, particularly one that involves physical alteration.

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