What is Looksmaxxing? The Best Looksmax!

The best Looksmax there is: Mewing

In the ever-evolving world of personal enhancement and aesthetic self-improvement, a term that frequently surfaces amidst forums, social media, and beauty circles is "looksmaxing".

This concept aims at maximizing one’s attractiveness through various means, including but not limited to skincare, fitness, fashion, and even surgical or non-surgical interventions.


5 Year Looksmaxing before and after: This transformation shows the potential of looksmaxing in improving facial aesthetics
Astrosky's 6 years Mewing Looksmax transformation !

Understanding Looksmaxing

Looksmaxing is the pursuit of enhancing one's physical appearance to achieve the highest level of attractiveness possible.

This broad term encompasses a wide array of practices ranging from simple grooming habits, diet, and exercise, to more complex interventions like orthodontics, dermatological treatments, and plastic surgery.


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The goal is to improve one's self-esteem and social perceptions through enhanced physical appearance. It's a personal journey that varies greatly from one individual to another, tailored to one’s specific goals, needs, and starting point.


Mewing: A Natural Path to Enhanced Beauty

Enter mewing, a technique named after Dr. John Mew, which involves proper tongue posture and its significant effects on facial structure.

Mewing advocates for the resting position of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, encouraging nasal breathing and proper oral posture.

This method, far from being a mere trend, is grounded in principles of orthotropics, which suggest that facial structure can be gradually altered and improved through consistent practice.


 Mewing Before and After 

This 1.5 year mewing transformation shows the potential of mewing in improving one's facial structure.


This 1.5 year transformation shows the potential of Mewing in chaning Facial Structure.


Notice the change in all areas of the face:  

  • Cheekbones: The cheekbones were pushed up causing them to protrude more and improve the undereye area.
  • Chin: His underchin area tightened along with his chin becoming more projected due to the facial upswing.
  • Jawline: His jawline became more defined along with the jaw angle improving giving it that robust look.
  • Nose: The nose got slightly straighter eliminating the very slight nose bump.
  • Eyes: His eyes look more fierce and became "Hunter Eyes" due to the improved undereye support.

Want to learn more about how to Mew Correctly?

Mewing Mastery Course

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Why is Mewing is the best Looksmax?



  1. Widening the Jaw: Regular mewing can stimulate changes in jawline structure, leading to a wider, more pronounced jaw. This effect enhances masculinity in men and offers a more defined structure in women, contributing to an attractive, balanced facial silhouette.

  2. Hollow Cheeks: By promoting correct tongue posture, mewing can influence the redistribution of facial muscles and fat, encouraging the appearance of hollow cheeks. This feature is often associated with high cheekbones and is a hallmark of classic beauty.

  3. Hunter Eyes: The concept of "hunter eyes" refers to deep-set, well-defined eyes with minimal upper eyelid exposure. Mewing supports the orbital bone and provides increased under-eye support, contributing to this coveted aesthetic feature.

  4. Improved Side Profile: The technique encourages forward and upward growth of the maxilla (upper jaw), which can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing side profile. A well-positioned maxilla is key to facial harmony and balance.

  5. A Wider Face: Beyond just the jawline, mewing can impact the entire facial structure, promoting a wider, more symmetrical face. This structural enhancement contributes to overall attractiveness by improving facial proportion and balance.

  6. Overall Aesthetic Improvement: By addressing key structural elements of the face, mewing can significantly enhance one’s appearance, leading to increased confidence and potentially better social interactions.



Looksmaxing represents a journey towards achieving one's aesthetic best, with methods ranging from the simple to the complex.

Within this spectrum, mewing stands out as a powerful, natural technique for facial enhancement.

Its ability to improve jaw width, cheek definition, eye appearance, facial profile, and overall symmetry places it at the forefront of non-invasive looksmaxing strategies. As with any self-improvement technique, consistency and patience are key.

Mewing not only promises aesthetic benefits but also underscores the importance of proper oral posture for overall health, making it a holistic approach to beauty that resonates well within the looksmaxing community.

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