How to get Hunter Eyes?

Comparison image showing two men with hunter eyes, highlighting the horizontal orientation and minimal upper eyelid exposure that define the desired eye shape.

How to Get Hunter Eyes: Achieve a Fierce Look with Mewing


In the quest for achieving the coveted 'hunter eyes' look, a feature often associated with rugged masculinity and attractiveness, many turn to various facial exercises and techniques.

Among these, mewing has gained significant popularity.
This article delves into how mewing can potentially improve facial structure and contribute to achieving hunter eyes by enhancing undereye support.  
  Mewing allows you to raise your under eye area and cheekbones hgiving you hunter eyes.


The Allure of Hunter Eyes


Hunter Eyes have a fierce making you Look more Attractive

Hunter eyes, a term widely discussed in the looksmaxxing community, refers to a specific eye shape characterized by a horizontal orientation, minimal upper eyelid exposure, and a tight eyelid. 

These features combine to give a sharp, intense look that many find appealing.

In contrast to the more rounded and prominent 'prey eyes', hunter eyes are perceived as a marker of strength and attractiveness.


Understanding Mewing

Mewing, a technique developed by Dr. Mike Mew, involves correct tongue posture against the roof of the mouth.

It's theorized that consistent and proper tongue placement can influence the maxilla (upper jaw), leading to subtle yet potentially impactful changes in facial structure over time.

The practice has been embraced by many seeking non-surgical methods to enhance their facial aesthetics.


Mewing's Impact on Facial Structure

Mewing's primary appeal lies in its potential to improve jawline definition and facial symmetry.

 Mewing for Hunter Eyes


By promoting proper oral posture, it's believed that mewing can encourage the maxilla to move upwards and forwards.

This movement can lead to a more pronounced jawline, a well-defined facial structure, and a balanced profile.


Enhancing Undereye Support with Mewing

One of the less discussed but equally significant effects of mewing is its impact on undereye support.

As the maxilla is gently pushed upwards through consistent mewing, the area beneath the eyes – the undereye support – is also subtly lifted.


Hunter Eyes from Mewing : 5 Year Transformation
  This is the 5 year transformation of a Mewing youtuber called astrosky !

This elevation can lead to a reduction in under-eye bags and hollows, giving the eyes a more 'hunter-like' appearance.

The enhanced undereye support contributes to a look that is perceived as more alert and predatory, aligning with the characteristics of hunter eyes.


Practical Tips for Mewing

To effectively practice mewing, maintain a consistent tongue posture with the entire tongue – including the back part – pressed against the roof of the mouth.

Ensure that your lips are closed and teeth lightly touching.

Mewing is not a quick fix; it requires patience and persistence. Changes, if they occur, will be gradual and may vary from person to person.


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The quest for hunter eyes has led many to explore techniques like mewing. While mewing may offer some benefits in enhancing facial structure and potentially improving undereye support, it's essential to maintain realistic expectations and a balanced perspective.

As with any endeavor in facial aesthetics, patience, consistency, and a healthy dose of skepticism are key. Ultimately, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and the pursuit of any aesthetic enhancement should be approached with care and consideration for one's health and well-being.

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