Mewing Before & After: 3 year Mewing Transformation !

Side-by-side comparison of a man's face before and after three years of mewing, showing significant improvement in jawline definition, facial width, cheekbone prominence, and overall facial structure.

Remarkable 3-Year Mewing Transformation: Before and After


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to visualizing the transformative power of mewing.


3 years of mewing.
The changes are not just skin-deep; they reflect a significant alteration in facial structure that warrants a closer examination.


Observations of the Mewing Transformation

Firstly this Gentleman is a mewing Influencer that goes by Mewing Guru on youtube.

Patrick achieved great results from mewing to say the least.

But let's dive into the changes achieved.


This Mewing transformation shows Mewing's potential to improve the facial structure and jawline

The image depicts a striking change in facial features over a three-year period, attributed to consistent mewing practice.


Here are the observed changes:

  1. Jawline Definition: The jaw appears more chiseled and defined. The angle between the neck and jaw is sharper, giving a more sculpted look.

  2. Facial Width: There's an apparent increase in the width of the face, especially around the cheekbones and jaw, contributing to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

  3. Cheekbone Prominence: The cheekbones seem more prominent, leading to the coveted 'hollow cheek' effect, which adds depth and character to the face.

  4. Nasal Appearance: Although the nose itself hasn't been altered, the changes in the surrounding areas, like the cheeks and maxilla, create an illusion of a smaller, more refined nose.

  5. Eye Shape and Support: The eyes exhibit a more 'hunter' like appearance with better support, which can be attributed to the subtle lift and support from the surrounding facial structure.


How Mewing Contributes to These Changes

Mewing, as described by orthodontic theories, asserts that proper tongue posture can influence the shape and growth pattern of the jaw and face.


Here’s how it potentially leads to the observed changes:

  1. Jawline Definition: By resting the tongue against the palate, mewing may stimulate the muscles around the jaw, leading to increased muscle tone and definition.

  2. Facial Width: The lateral pressure exerted by the tongue might encourage a broader facial structure, particularly influencing the midface and mandible.

  3. Cheekbone Prominence: Proper tongue posture helps in engaging the muscles of the midface, which might help in lifting and defining the cheekbones over time.

  4. Nasal Appearance: As the maxilla moves forward, the relative position of the nose can change, giving it a more harmonious appearance in relation to other facial features.

  5. Eye Shape and Support: The positioning of the maxilla is crucial for the support of the eyes. Mewing may contribute to a more forward maxilla, which in turn provides better under-eye support and a subtle lift to the lower eyelids.



The transformation seen in the image is a testament to the potential impact of mewing on facial aesthetics. The changes observed are significant and highlight the interconnectivity of facial features.

Mewing’s non-invasive approach makes it a fascinating topic for further research and discussion within the beauty and orthodontic communities.

This three-year transformation aligns with the theoretical expectations of mewing and suggests that with patience and consistency, subtle yet impactful facial enhancement is possible.

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