Mewing Before & After: 5 Incredible Transformations

A side by side comparison, of an individual who did mewing for 3 years. Significant facial changes can be seen.

Analyzing 5 Incredible Mewing Before & Afters

Mewing, a looksmaxing craze that is said to improve your facial structure, improve your jawline and cheekbones, give you the fierce "Hunter Eyes" look that looksmaxers praise so highly.
In this blog we will be looking at 5 Incredible Mewing transformations, showing you what is achievable by mewing.
Mewing Before after

An incredible 3 years mewing transformation

Mewing Before & After: 2 year progress!


The above transformation took 2 years, and is nothing short of spectacular.

The Mewer  has achieved not only a more defined jawline, it also brought it foward. 

Overall the Mewer has achieved great foward growth and even some level of facial upswing.


An Impressive 2 year Mewing Transformation 

2 year Before & After Mewing transformation


After 3 years of mewing, notable changes include a more defined jawline, a pronounced chin, and enhanced cheekbones.

The facial structure appears more sculpted, with improved symmetry, and the overall profile exhibits a more angular, aesthetically pleasing contour.


Mewing 3 Years Before & After Results


Mewing 3 Years Before & After Result


This Mewer has achieved a remarkable enhancement in the under-chin area, showing a reduction in soft tissue, leading to a more defined neck and jawline.

The maxilla, or the upper jaw, appears to have moved forward, contributing to better facial harmony.

This forward growth has given the face a stronger, more chiseled profile, aligning with the aesthetic ideals of facial symmetry and proportion. The overall result is a transformative change that underscores the potential impact of mewing on one's facial contours.


1 year Result:


1 Year Mewing Transformation


The transformation seen in this individual after mewing is quite significant.

The under-chin area has become more refined, creating a sharper distinction between the jawline and the neck.

There's a noticeable advancement in the maxilla region, which has led to forward growth, giving the face a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

This forward projection has enhanced the overall facial structure, making it appear more robust and well-defined.

The changes are a testament to the potential effects of mewing on facial aesthetics over time.


Crazy 2 years Mewing Transformation!

The Best Mewing Before& After
Salludon's 2 Year Transformation

In this two-year transformation, we see profound changes.

The jawline has become more pronounced, displaying greater definition.

The under-chin area shows a noticeable reduction in soft tissue, which contributes to a more sculpted neck profile.

The mewer has also achieved foward growth as his chin came foward aswell as his undereye support improving.

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