10+ Incredible Mewing Transformations Over Years: Before & After

Dramatic before and after comparison showing 1.6 years of facial changes due to mewing.

    This blog presents a collection of transformative journeys that highlight the astounding potential of mewing, a technique that has captivated the attention of those seeking to enhance their facial aesthetics naturally.

From subtle enhancements to jaw-dropping changes, each story is a testament to the power of dedication and the astonishing impact of proper tongue posture and facial alignment.

Mewing before & after results: 6 month   

  Before and after six months of mewing showing significant jawline improvement.

Before-and-after images posted by Reddit user nickabomb
This transformation was achieved through mewing over a span of six months.
The remarkable improvement in the jawline significantly alters the facial aesthetic, enhancing attractiveness and conveying a healthier appearance.

Mewing Before & After: 15-month

Before and after fifteen months of mewing with defined jawline and reduced double chin.

Before-and-after of Reddit user GCompton
This user has achieved incredible changes in the jawline, showcasing the elimination of the double chin and a more defined, prominent jaw that contributes to a stronger, more masculine look.
This remarkable change was achieved through a combination of mewing and targeted neck exercises, which also helped improve posture.

A 23 year old's Mewing Progress

Before and after showing progress from mouth-breathing to mewing, highlighting changes in eye shape and facial structure.

Before-and-after photos from Reddit user manricca16
Initially, habitual mouth-breathing contributed to his facial structure concerns.
By ceasing mouth-breathing, focusing on proper tongue posture, and regularly chewing Falim gum—especially targeting the underdeveloped side of his face—to address asymmetry, he observed significant changes.
Notably, the alteration in the canthal tilt and shape of his eyes from a "prey" to "hunter" look stands out.
As a consequence of these adjustments, manricca16 reports a substantial boost in confidence, thanks to his enhanced appearance. 

Mewing Before and After – 4.5 years of mewing

Before and after four and a half years of mewing and posture correction, resulting in a more defined jawline and lower body fat.

The transformation of a Reddit user @TAselfieadvice

Here is the user's Routine:

  • Mewing: Practiced consistently until it became a natural habit, improving airway openness and tongue fit.
  • Posture Correction: Improved neck posture and performed chin tucks regularly, especially during baths.
  • Calisthenics and Exercise: Incorporated bodyweight exercises for better posture and reduced body fat from 20% to 11-12%.
  • Chewing Habits: Shifted to thorough chewing and used whitening gum daily for jawline strengthening and teeth whitening.
  • Supplementation: Took magnesium citrate, vitamin C, vitamin D, and potassium, alongside a proper diet.
  • Consistency: Maintained the routine for four years, emphasizing the importance of regular practice for visible results.


6 Months of Mewing: An Incredible transformation !

Before and after six months of mewing by Alex Sostres with significant jawline sharpening.

Reddit user @alexx.strss

Alex Sostres embarked on an exploratory quest to validate the acclaimed benefits of mewing.

Alex has witnessed a significant and noticeable sharpening of his jawline.

His unwavering commitment to regular mewing practice has culminated in noteworthy improvements to his facial structure.


Mewing Before & After Transformation: 6 Months

Before and after six months of mewing by Ollie Martin, showing enhanced jawline definition.

Reddit user @olliemart1n

Six months ago, Ollie set out on a transformative journey, generously offering insights into his experience.

Through steadfast adherence to his mewing routine, coupled with dedicated gym workouts, Ollie has witnessed remarkable enhancements in his jawline definition.

His dedication to these practices has paid off, yielding a noticeably more sculpted and defined facial aesthetic.


Before & after: 1 year of Mewing and Good Habits⁠ 

Before and after one year of mewing, showcasing a more pronounced and defined profile.


One year into his mewing journey, this Mewer has shared a striking transformation.

His unwavering commitment is evident in the significant enhancement of his jawline, showcasing a more pronounced and defined profile that reflects the impressive impact of his dedicated practice.


This Transformation Took 1 year and 10 months

Before and after one year and ten months of mewing, highlighting 'hollow cheeks' effect and improved facial symmetry.   

This remarkable change unfolded over a span of one year and ten months.


Key practices were instrumental in this transformation:

  • Mastery of swallowing and chewing with proper technique, engaging the tongue while keeping the cheeks passive.
  • Neck posture correction was pivotal, with chin tucks — as detailed in the mewing app tutorials — practiced extensively, eventually becoming a habitual posture.
  • The author emphasizes patience, noting that the defined "hollow cheeks" effect emerged after a year's dedication.


Mewing Before & After: 2.5 Years

Before and after two and a half years of mewing with forward-moving jawline, chin, and cheekbones.

This Mewer; has clearly gotten some great results. His Jawline along with his chin, and cheekbones have moved foward.

Mewing Before and After: 1 year

Before and after one year of mewing, displaying a more defined jawline and improved neck posture.

Mewing Before and After: 1 year
In a year's time, the individual has achieved a notable transformation.
The side profile exhibits a more defined jawline and improved neck posture, underscoring the visible results of their commitment to facial restructuring practices.

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The remarkable transformations showcased in this article underline the profound impact that mewing can have on facial aesthetics. These before-and-after stories reflect not just cosmetic enhancements but also improvements in overall well-being and confidence.

By adopting mewing, individuals have successfully redefined their facial contours and symmetry through natural, non-invasive means. Consistency, patience, and proper technique are key to achieving such transformative results.

For those inspired to begin their own journey, the transformative power of mewing awaits, promising not just a more defined facial structure but also a boost in self-assurance and health.

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