2-Year Mewing Transformation: Mewing Redefines Facial Structure

Before and after comparison of a 2-year mewing transformation showing noticeable facial structure improvements.

Analyzing a 2 Year Mewing Facial Transformation

In the realm of non-surgical facial enhancement techniques, mewing has gained a notable following.

This article delves deep into the effects of maintaining proper tongue posture—often referred to as "mewing"—over an extended period of nearly two years. By analyzing before-and-after photos, we assess the potential impacts of this practice on facial aesthetics.


Mewing Before & After: Impressive 2 Year Journey

Mewing Explained

Mewing is the technique of positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth, continuously, which is claimed to influence facial structure over time.

This method, championed by Dr. John Mew, is theorized to promote changes in jaw alignment and overall facial symmetry through the subtle pressure exerted by proper tongue posture.

For a deeper understanding of the foundational principles behind this technique, refer to our in depth and comprehensive guide on Mewing.


Mewing Before & After: A Comprehensive 2 Year Review

Jawline Definition

  • Initial Observations: The subject began with a less defined jawline.
  • Post-Mewing Changes: After two years, a more chiseled and angular jawline emerged, suggesting enhancements in the mandibular bone structure and masseter muscle definition due to sustained mewing.

Cheekbone Prominence

  • Before Mewing: Cheekbones appeared flatter with more pronounced facial fat.
  • After Mewing: There was a noticeable increase in cheekbone prominence, potentially indicative of changes in facial fat distribution and muscle tone adjustments.

Facial Symmetry

  • Initial Asymmetry: Minor imbalances were noted around the eyes and chin.
  • Post-Mewing Symmetry: Improved symmetry and balance across facial features, possibly reflecting more uniform muscle tone achieved through consistent mewing practice.

Overall Facial Structure

  • Early Observations: The overall facial structure was rounder with softer contours.
  • Structural Evolution: Over the observed period, the face appeared more refined and mature, with changes potentially accelerated by mewing alongside natural aging processes.

Lip Position and Profile

  • Initial Lip Posture: Slight strain and poor alignment were initially evident.
  • Lip Changes Noticed: The lips and surrounding area displayed reduced strain, suggesting more relaxed and improved oral posture potentially influenced by mewing techniques.


Visual Evidence and Interpretation

The visual transformation over these two years provides a narrative of significant facial changes. Although attributing these changes solely to mewing without scientific control is speculative, the correlation between the sustained practice of mewing and the aesthetic enhancements is compelling.


Want to Get a Chiselled Jawline ? 



The transformative journey documented in this 1 year and 10-month period offers a visual testament to the potential effects of mewing on facial aesthetics. While definitive scientific evidence is still needed to fully validate mewing's efficacy, the observed changes align with anecdotal reports from the mewing community.

By maintaining disciplined and correct tongue posture, individuals may be able to influence their facial structure subtly yet meaningfully, contributing to a more defined jawline and improved facial symmetry.



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