What is the Suction Hold in Mewing? How to do it?

What is the Suction Hold in Mewing? How to do it?

The Suction Hold in Mewing: Elevating Your Practice for Maximal Impact


The practice of mewing has gained significant traction among individuals looking to improve their facial structure, jawline definition, and overall oral posture.

Central to this practice is the "suction hold," a method that not only enhances the effectiveness of mewing but also ensures that the tongue is correctly positioned for extended periods.


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Understanding the Suction Hold

The suction hold is a critical component of the mewing technique. It involves creating a vacuum-like seal between the tongue and the roof of the mouth.

Suction hold mewing

This action ensures that the entire tongue (including the back portion) is firmly and comfortably placed against the palate, promoting optimal oral posture and facilitating the potential reshaping of the facial structure over time.




The Significance of the Suction Hold in Mewing

Why is the suction hold so crucial for effective mewing?

The answer lies in its ability to maintain proper tongue posture without strain. By securing the tongue in place through gentle suction, individuals can avoid the fatigue that often comes with consciously holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth.

This allows for prolonged periods of correct tongue posture, which is essential for those looking to achieve noticeable changes in their facial aesthetics through mewing.


How to Perform the Suction Hold?


Suction hold Mewing: The Correct Approach
  1. Start with a Clean Slate: Begin by swallowing to ensure that your mouth is free of excess saliva. This helps create a smoother surface for the tongue to adhere to.

  2. Position Your Tongue: Gently press the entire surface of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Ensure that the tip of your tongue is placed just behind your upper front teeth, without touching them.

  3. Create the Suction: To establish the suction hold, perform a light swallowing action and hold the end position of this swallow. You should feel the middle and back of your tongue creating a natural suction against the palate.

  4. Maintain the Hold: Keep the suction hold as long as comfortable. It's essential to breathe through your nose during this process, as mouth breathing can disrupt the suction.

  5. Practice Regularly: Incorporating the suction hold into your daily mewing practice is key. Over time, this should become a natural resting position for your tongue.



The suction hold is a powerful enhancement to the mewing technique, offering a way to sustain proper tongue posture effortlessly.

By following the steps outlined above and incorporating this method into your routine, you can maximize the benefits of mewing and move closer to achieving your facial structure goals.

Remember, while mewing offers numerous potential benefits, it's a long-term commitment, and results vary from person to person. Stay consistent, be patient, and embrace the journey towards improved oral posture and facial aesthetics.

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