Mewing Before and After : 2 Year Transformation

 Side-by-side comparison of a man's facial profile before and after two years of mewing, showing improvements in facial symmetry, jawline definition, and overall facial structure.

   An impressive 2 Year Mewing Transformation Analysis

Mewing, a term that has gained considerable attention on social media and wellness circles, refers to a technique that involves resting the tongue against the roof of the mouth to potentially reshape the jawline and facial structure over time.
Named after Dr. John Mew, who pioneered this concept, mewing is more than just a cosmetic practice; it's also suggested to have benefits for breathing and orthodontic health.



Exploring the results from Mewing    

The before-and-after images provide a visual narrative of the Mewer's journey and the changes that have occurred.

Facial Symmetry

One of the most apparent changes in the after image is the improved facial symmetry. The jawline appears more defined, and the cheeks seem to be less prominent, giving a more balanced and contoured appearance to the face.


Jawline and Chin

The transformation reveals a more pronounced jawline and a slightly more prominent chin. This could be the result of the continuous and consistent pressure applied by the tongue against the palate, which, according to mewing advocates, influences the mandibular bone to remodel over time.



There is a subtle enhancement in the cheekbone area, which appears to be lifted and more defined in the after image.

This could be due to the toned muscles around the jaw and cheeks from the mewing practice, which may affect the surrounding areas as well.


Nose and Maxilla Position   

Mewing effects on the nose: The 4 year mewing transformation of Mewing_journal (IG) The 4 year mewing transformation of Mewing_journal (IG)

While mewing is not directly related to changes in the nose structure, a change in the maxilla's position could influence the overall appearance of the nose.

In the after image, the nose appears to be slightly more harmonious with the rest of the facial features, possibly due to the changes in the maxilla alignment.


Overall Posture and Appearance

The individual's p[osture has also improved from Mewing

The individual's overall posture seems to be improved, with a more upright and aligned presentation.

This is consistent with the principles of mewing, which emphasize not just the positioning of the tongue but also correct head and neck posture.


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The images suggest that consistent practice of mewing over two years can lead to noticeable changes in facial structure. 

It is important to note that such transformations are subtle and may not be as pronounced in every individual.

Moreover, scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of mewing is still limited, and individuals interested in this practice should approach it with realistic expectations and a healthy dose of skepticism.



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