How does MSE Change the Face?

Before and after photos depicting facial changes due to MSE, illustrating increased jawline definition aswell as increased facial asymmetry

How does MSE change your Facial Structure ?

Introducing the Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE), a revolutionary orthodontic appliance designed to tackle this very challenge.
The MSE offers a promising solution for those struggling with insufficient tongue space due to a narrow palate.


Side-by-side profile views of a man before and after MSE showing forward facial growth and improved jawline.
Jaw Hacks on youtube has achieved great changes.


Advanced Mechanism of MSE

MSE targets the mid-palatal suture in the roof of the mouth, applying gradual pressure to split this suture.

Maxillary Skeletal Expansion (MSE); Miniscrew Assisted Rapid Palatal  Expansion (MARPE) | Inland Empire OMFS

This process, known as suture expansion, is foundational to the technique's ability to remodel the adult maxilla— a procedure once thought possible only in children due to the flexibility of their skeletal structure.


Suture Splitting for Facial Expansion

The act of suture splitting through MSE triggers bone growth in the expanded gap, gradually widening the upper jaw.

MSE + Facemask is cope | - Men's Self-Improvement & Aesthetics

This expansion is not just lateral but can also have forward effects due to the redistribution of bone growth forces, contributing to a more forward-positioned maxilla, which is often desirable in correcting recessive jaw issues.


Impact on Facial Aesthetics

One of the most notable changes from MSE is the enhancement of cheekbone prominence.

Before and after images of a man's face showing the widening effects of MSE on facial structure after 86 days and 84 turns.

This is due to the lateral expansion of the maxilla, which indirectly supports the soft tissue above, leading to more defined cheekbones.

Furthermore, the forward movement of the maxilla can improve the facial profile, making the face appear more balanced and harmonious.


Functional Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

Improved Airway Function:

MSE's impact on the nasal passages and airway is profound.


My Options for Surgery. Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Over… | by Class 3  MSE | Medium

By expanding the maxilla, the nasal cavities are also widened, potentially improving nasal airflow.

This can have a significant impact on breathing, particularly for individuals suffering from chronic nasal obstruction or sleep apnea.


Alleviation of Dental Crowding

Palatal Expander - Macau Dentist : Macau Dentist

The expansion of the upper jaw creates additional space for the alignment of teeth, addressing issues of crowding without the need for tooth extraction in many cases.

This not only improves oral health but also contributes to a more aesthetically pleasing dental arch.


Quantitative Analysis and Clinical Observations

Research and Studies

Clinical studies utilizing three-dimensional imaging and analysis techniques have quantified the changes MSE induces in facial soft tissues. These studies have shown statistically significant changes in areas such as the paranasal and cheek regions, indicating the broad impact of MSE on facial structure​​.

Periodontal Considerations

Research into the periodontal effects of MSE indicates a range of outcomes on dental and skeletal structures, including alveolar bending and changes in dental inclination. These findings highlight the complex interplay between skeletal expansion and dental health, underscoring the need for comprehensive planning and follow-up in MSE treatment​​.


Take- Away

MSE represents a significant advance in the field of orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, offering a non-surgical option for correcting complex maxillary deficiencies.

Its effects extend far beyond mere dental alignment, impacting facial aesthetics, breathing, and overall health.

As research continues to evolve, the potential for MSE to change lives through improved facial structure and function becomes increasingly clear.

For those considering or undergoing MSE, it's crucial to work closely with a qualified orthodontist or maxillofacial surgeon who can provide a detailed assessment and tailor a treatment plan to meet individual needs and goals.

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