How to Properly Swallow when Mewing !?

Instructional diagram illustrating the correct swallowing technique during mewing, showing tongue positioning and movement stages.

The Correct Swallow - Proper swallowing for Mewing

Embarking on a journey to enhance facial structure through mewing, one often overlooks a key component: the act of swallowing.

This essential function, when aligned with the principles of mewing, can significantly amplify the technique's efficacy.

How to Properly Swallow when Mewing !?

Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Swallowing During Mewing:

The Correct Swallow: Mewing Correctly

Tongue Positioning:

  • Secure the tongue against the palate, ensuring the tip is lightly contacting just behind the upper front teeth.
  • This step is the cornerstone for the efficacy of mewing and influences swallowing mechanics.

Saliva Management:

  • Collect saliva with your tongue, guiding it towards the back of the mouth.
  • This approach mirrors the body's instinctual swallowing reflex, augmented by the correct mewing posture.

The Swallowing Motion:

  • Swallow the saliva, keeping the tongue firmly against the palate without any downward movement or pressure against the front teeth.
  • It is critical to maintain this pressure uniformly across the palate during the entire swallowing action.


Key Considerations for Mastering Swallowing in Mewing:

Consistency in Practice:

  • Integrate this specialized swallowing technique into your routine to make it a natural component of your mewing practice.
  • Regular application of this method is vital for it to become second nature.

Saliva Production Control:

  • Acknowledge that mewing may induce increased saliva flow. Adjust the frequency of swallowing or discreetly expel surplus saliva as required.
  • Balancing saliva management is essential for maintaining uninterrupted mewing sessions.

Adapting for Comfort:

  • If any discomfort arises, customize the technique to fit your unique oral structure and comfort level.
  • Personal adjustments to the swallowing process are necessary for long-term adherence to mewing.


Swallowing Exercise: Refining Your Technique

Improving swallowing efficiency is critical not only for mewing but also for preventing oral health issues. The following exercise is designed to strengthen swallowing muscles and refine technique:

Focused Saliva Swallowing Drill:

  • With your tongue placed against the roof of the mouth, practice swallowing saliva.
  • Perform this drill for several minutes daily, ensuring your lips stay sealed, and your jaw is aligned with the lower teeth sitting just behind the upper teeth.
  • Maintain an upright posture with your head erect to support proper neck alignment during the exercise.



Mastering the swallowing aspect of mewing requires attention to detail and disciplined practice. By following the comprehensive steps laid out in this guide and engaging in the recommended exercises, you can elevate your mewing practice.

Embracing consistency, remaining mindful of bodily cues, and being open to adaptations will support your journey towards improved facial aesthetics and better oral health. Remember, the integration of these swallowing techniques into your mewing routine is a pivotal factor in achieving desired outcomes.


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