Mastering Mewing: Essential Techniques for Enhanced Facial Structure

Diagram illustrating basic mewing technique and its impact on facial growth, showing correct tongue placement.

Mewing, a term popularized by Dr. John Mew, refers to a set of techniques aimed at improving facial structure and overall well-being.

This practice involves correctly positioning the tongue, developing the masseter muscles, maintaining proper body posture and learnings how to properly swallow.
In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of mewing, exploring the techniques and tips to ensure effective and consistent results. 


Tongue Positioning: The Foundation of Mewing


The first and foremost step in mewing is mastering the art of tongue positioning. To achieve this, place your entire tongue against the roof of your mouth.

Ensure your lips are sealed, and commit to breathing exclusively through your nose. This fundamental tongue posture sets the stage for the subsequent steps in the mewing process.


Methods for Mewing: Finding Your Resting Tongue Posture

There are two primary methods for establishing your resting tongue posture:

a. Ng Sound Method: Make a thick sound (ng sound) in the throat, causing the back of the tongue to stick to the roof of the mouth. Simulate this by saying words like "king" or "sing." The position attained during this sound production should be your resting tongue posture.

b. Swallowing Method: Open your mouth as wide as possible, place your tongue as far back as you can, and then swallow your saliva. As your tongue adheres to the roof of your mouth, maintain this position and close your mouth. This technique aids in establishing a natural resting tongue posture.


Teeth Alignment and Lip Closure: Crucial Elements of Mewing

In addition to tongue positioning, proper alignment of your teeth plays a crucial role in mewing.

Ensure that your upper and lower teeth gently touch each other, with the lower teeth slightly behind the upper ones. Keep your lips closed throughout the day, allowing for nasal breathing only. This harmonious alignment contributes to the overall effectiveness of the mewing process.


Consistent Maintenance for Visible Results

Mewing is not a one-time activity but a habit to be maintained consistently throughout the day. Regularly check and adjust your tongue posture, teeth alignment, and lip closure to ensure optimal results.

The more diligently you adhere to these practices, the more pronounced and lasting the changes to your facial structure will become.


Masseter Muscle Development



Before and After Image of a 1 year mewing transformation, highlighting visible facial changes and increase facial attractiveness.

Alongside tongue positioning, focus on developing the masseter muscles by incorporating jaw exercises into your routine. Chew gum or engage in facial exercises to promote muscle growth and toning.



Chewing hard foods or gum is absolutely essential to strengthening your facial muscles which over time will make you better looking.


Checkout our blog on chewing, where we go into much more depth.






Posture Correction

Mewing extends beyond the face to encompass overall body posture. Maintain a straight spine and avoid slouching to enhance the effectiveness of mewing on your facial structure.

An Image showing correct posture, and improper posture.

Proper posture is essential for mewing, as the whole body is connected. Proper posture will make engaging the back third of the tongue much more easy.


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Proper swallowing

Proper swallowing is an essential part of mewing, and will ensure the maximum results. It is a difficult habit to change as we swallow upwards of 2000 times a day.

  1. Tongue Positioning:
    • Keep your tongue pressed firmly against the roof of your mouth, positioned behind your front teeth.
    • Ensure the tip of your tongue is touching the back of your front teeth.
  2. Saliva Gathering:
    • Use your tongue to gather saliva, allowing it to pool towards the back of your mouth.
    • This step should feel similar to the natural gathering of saliva without mewing.
  3. Swallowing Technique:
    • Once the saliva is gathered at the back of your mouth, swallow it using the same technique as you would without mewing.
    • Maintain the position of your tongue against the roof of your mouth during the entire swallowing process.


Take away

Mewing is a holistic approach to facial improvement that combines tongue positioning, masseter muscle development, and body posture correction.

By following the techniques outlined in this guide and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can work towards achieving visible and sustainable results.

Remember, consistency is key, and patience is essential when embarking on the mewing journey.

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