What is Thumbpulling? Does Facepulling Work ?

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Understanding Facepulling and Thumbpulling: A Comprehensive Guide


In the realm of facial exercises, facepulling and thumbpulling have garnered attention for their potential to reshape the facial structure.
But what exactly are these methods, and do they truly deliver results without risks?

The Essence of Face Pulling

Face pulling, an exercise designed to impact the maxilla (upper jawbone), aims to push it upwards and forwards.

This practice has roots in the concept that the tongue and jaw can naturally exert force on the maxilla.

What is Thumbpulling? Does facepulling work ?

To amplify this effect, many people opt for hard mewing, a technique involving pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth with a strong force.

However, face pulling takes this a step further, exerting more pressure than hard mewing. The two primary methods include thumb pulling and towel pulling.


Thumbpulling: A Detailed Look

Thumb pulling is a focused approach where specific areas of the palate are pushed using the thumb, applying either hard or medium force. This method typically involves several sets, each lasting for a specific duration.


What is Thumbpulling? Does facepulling work ?

A key caution with thumb pulling is to avoid exerting force on the sphenoid bone, as it could lead to asymmetry or a misaligned bite.

The recommended practice involves pushing the front part of the maxilla for about a minute per set, across multiple sets.


Additionally, one can apply force to the sides of the front, mid, and back palate without touching the teeth.


Towel Pulling: Another Approach

Towel pulling, as the name suggests, involves using a towel along with arm muscles to exert force on the maxilla.

Towel Pulling

This method requires biting the towel with all teeth and pulling it in specific directions while maintaining a chin tuck.

The recommended routine involves several sets, each lasting around 40 seconds, with breaks in between.


A Word of Caution

Despite the potential benefits, it is important to note that face pulling or thumb pulling is not universally recommended.

These exercises can lead to complications such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders and other problems.

Therefore, while it is beneficial to understand how these methods are performed, one should carefully weigh the risks and benefits before deciding to undertake them.


What is Thumbpulling? Does facepulling work ?


Take Away:

Facepulling and thumbpulling offer intriguing possibilities for facial restructuring, but they come with significant cautions. It's essential to approach these exercises with an informed perspective and consult healthcare professionals before attempting them.

Remember, the goal is not just aesthetic improvement but also long-term health and well-being.



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