Hunter Eyes vs Prey Eyes?

Comparison image labeled 'Hunter vs Prey Eyes' showing differences in eye positioning and facial expressions.

Hunter Eyes vs Prey Eyes: Understanding LooksMaxing

In the realm of facial aesthetics and the looksmaxxing community, the concepts of 'hunter eyes' and 'prey eyes' have become increasingly popular.

Black and white portrait of a young man with a defined jawline and serious expression.

But what do these terms even mean?

These terms describe specific eye shapes and their impact on perceived attractiveness.

It is believed that through mewing someone can get hunter eyes !

Mewing, popularized by Dr. Mike Mew, are believed to influence these facial features.

This article explores these fascinating concepts, providing insights into the aesthetics of eye shapes and the potential effects of mewing.


Understanding Hunter Eyes and Prey Eyes

Close-up of a young man's face focusing on his intense gaze and strong eyebrow structure.
  • Hunter Eyes: These are characterized by a horizontally elongated shape, tight eyelids, and a robust under-eye support, often viewed as a sign of attractiveness and masculinity. Hunter eyes also tend to have thick dark low set, and neutral or positively tilted eyebrows(meaning they tilt upwards).
Detailed close-up of a person’s eyes, showing clear irises and defined eyelashes
  • Prey Eyes: In contrast, prey eyes typically exhibit a lack of under-eye support, a negative canthal tilt (where the outer corner of the eye is lower than the inner corner), and a noticeable amount of upper eyelid exposure. Also prey eyes tend to have high set and thin eyebrows and eyelashes.

This combination gives the eyes a rounder and more prominent appearance, often perceived as less intense and softer than hunter eyes.


The Concept of Mewing

Illustrative diagram highlighting key suction spots in the mouth for effective mewing.

Mewing is a technique involving correct tongue posture, purported to reshape the jawline and potentially the entire facial structure.

Originated by orthodontist Dr. Mike Mew, it's based on the idea that proper tongue placement can exert pressure on the maxilla (upper jaw), leading to subtle changes over time.


Cover of the 'Mewing Complete Guide' featuring various facial exercises and techniques for jaw repositioning.
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Mewing and Its Impact on Eye Shape


Before and after photos of a man's facial transformation, showing more defined facial features and eyes after mewing.

The most intriguing claim about mewing in the context of facial aesthetics is its potential to modify eye shape.

Advocates of mewing argue that consistent practice can raise the under-eye bone, leading to a more 'hunter-like' eye appearance, in contrast to the prey eyes.

While there are numerous anecdotal reports supporting these claims, the lack of comprehensive scientific studies means that these effects are still up for debate.



The fascination with hunter and prey eyes reflects the diverse perspectives on beauty within the looksmaxxing community.

Mewing presents a curious method for potentially enhancing these features, though its effectiveness remains scientifically unproven.

As with any technique related to facial aesthetics, it's essential to approach it with a balanced view, focusing on informed decisions and realistic expectations.

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