How to Make your Nose Smaller !

How to Make your Nose Smaller !

Is it even Possible to change your nose shape and size?

Advocated by orthodontists and facial structure experts, mewing emphasizes proper tongue posture and jaw alignment to influence facial aesthetics.
Among its purported benefits, the ability to naturally achieve a smaller nose stands out as a particularly intriguing aspect.
This article explores how mewing can influence nasal appearance and offers insights into integrating this practice into your daily routine.
Mewing and nose shape

Understanding Mewing and Its Impact on Facial Structure

Mewing is a method that involves positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth while maintaining proper jaw alignment.

This practice, rooted in the principles of orthotropics, aims to promote optimal facial growth and development.


Mewing and the nose shape and size

The above Mewer; who goes by Mewing Guru on Youtube; has achieved an impressive mewing transformation.  


By encouraging the maxilla (upper jaw) to move forward and upward, mewing can lead to significant changes in facial aesthetics, including the appearance of the nose.


How Mewing Can Lead to a Smaller Nose

The concept behind achieving a smaller nose through mewing lies in the relationship between the maxilla's position and nasal structure.

As the maxilla moves forward and upward, it can cause a slight lifting and narrowing of the nasal base.



This subtle change can result in the nose appearing smaller and more proportionate to the rest of the face.

Additionally, improved jaw alignment and facial symmetry can further enhance this effect, making the nose seem less prominent.


Mewing Techniques for Nasal Enhancement


Mewing and the suction hold


To leverage mewing for nasal enhancement, focus on consistent practice and proper technique.


Key elements include:

  • Correct Tongue Posture: Ensure the entire tongue (including the back portion) is pressed firmly against the palate. This continuous pressure supports the forward and upward movement of the maxilla.
  • Jaw Alignment: Keep the teeth and lips gently closed, aligning the jaw properly. This position should feel natural and not forced.
  • Breathing: Practice breathing through the nose to reinforce the correct tongue posture and promote nasal airflow, which can also contribute to the overall health of the nasal passages.

Improve your Mewing Technique - Mewing Ring

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Realistic Expectations and Patience

It's essential to approach mewing with realistic expectations. The changes to the nose's appearance through mewing are subtle and develop over time.


Mewing makes your nose smaller.


Patience and consistency in practice are crucial for seeing potential results.

Remember, mewing's primary goal is to improve facial structure and health, with aesthetic changes being a secondary benefit.


Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Facial Aesthetics

Mewing offers a natural, non-invasive approach to enhancing facial aesthetics, including the potential for a smaller, more proportionate nose.

By adopting correct tongue posture and jaw alignment, individuals can explore the benefits of mewing not just for nasal appearance but for overall facial harmony and health.

As with any natural technique, results vary from person to person, underscoring the importance of patience and persistence in your mewing journey.


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