How to Know if you are Mewing Correctly ?

 Illustration showing proper and improper mewing posture, highlighting correct tongue position inside the mouth for effective mewing techniques.

How to Know If You're Mewing Correctly - Methods Explained


Mewing, coined by Dr. John Mew, has become the talk of the town as a non-invasive trick to jazz up your facial look and better your oral stance.

Let's dive into how you can tell if you're nailing mewing, shining a spotlight on three key tricks: the Sing and King method, the Swallowing method, and the Suction Hold method.


Getting the Hang of Mewing

Mewing is all about getting your tongue cozy against your mouth's roof, possibly reshaping your facial vibe over time. Getting it right is key for it to be safe and work its magic.


The Sing and King Method

What's the Deal?

This method, named after two mewing buffs, helps you check if you're on point with mewing.

How's it Done?

Just say 'sing' and 'king'. Notice how your tongue hits the roof of your mouth when you hit the 'ng'? That's your sweet spot for mewing.

Am I Doing It Right?

Your tongue should stick to that 'ng' spot.

You'll feel a bit of pressure up top.

It's not just the tip of your tongue; the middle and back should be in on the action too.

The Swallowing Method



 What's the Idea?

This one's about keeping your tongue in the mewing zone even when you swallow.

Here's How:
Tongue starts flat against the roof of your mouth.
Swallow, but keep your tongue up there.
Post-swallow, your tongue should naturally stay put in the mewing position.

Signs You're Spot On:
You feel a wave-like tongue move.
The tip of your tongue is chill behind your upper teeth, not touching.
Your face isn't doing any weird gymnastics.


The Suction Hold Method

Background Info: This method's crucial for comfortably maintaining the mewing stance.

Making It Happen:
Start with your tongue up against the roof of your mouth.
Gently suck it upwards, creating a bit of a vacuum.
Hold it there, using suction not brute force.

You're Doing It Right If:
There's a gentle suction feel, no straining.
Your whole tongue, back included, is in on it.
Nose breathing? Easy peasy.  


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Wrapping It Up

Mewing done right can be a safe bet for sprucing up your oral posture and possibly your face's look. Stick to the Sing and King, Swallowing, and Suction Hold methods for best practices. Remember, it's about gentle, regular efforts and playing the long game. Keep at it, and you might just see the changes you're after.

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