How to get Hollow Cheeks by Mewing?

How to Get Hollow Cheeks with Mewing ?

Enhancing Your Cheek Hollows with Mewing

If you're aiming for that coveted model look, having well-defined, hollow cheeks is a must. Fortunately, mewing, the practice of proper tongue posture, is closely associated with achieving those desirable cheek hollows.
Mewing can effectively give you the coveted hollow cheeks. This technique promotes the development of more prominent cheekbones.
Additionally, by adopting the proper swallowing technique, mewing can help with the atrophy of cheek muscles, resulting in a more sunken or hollow look.
Let's explore all these points in depth


Mewing for Hollow Cheeks: 4 Year Transformation



What Is Mewing?

Mewing involves the correction of tongue posture.

In ancient times, our ancestors had stronger jaws and better jaw alignment.

This was largely due to their correct tongue posture, which they maintained while tearing and eating tough, unprocessed foods.

Mewing growth

In today's sedentary lifestyle and softer diet primarily consisting of processed foods, we rarely exercise our jaws and tongues.

Mewing focuses on reestablishing the correct tongue posture, along with adopting proper swallowing techniques and engaging the muscles under your chin.

Mewing, when practiced diligently, can result in higher cheekbones, a chiseled jawline, and the coveted "Hollow Cheeks".

While it may pose initial challenges as you develop this new habit, feeling fatigued during the process is a sign of progress. 


Astrosky Mewing Transformation - MewingHub

How Mewing Enhances Cheek Hollows

Mewing, by promoting proper tongue posture, exerts pressure on the palate, causing it to expand.

This upward movement of the maxilla and cheekbones results in more pronounced cheekbones and contributes to the development of cheek hollows.


Mewing Shifts your Bones in the Right Direction

Mewing does not aim to change the size of your facial bones but focuses on adjusting their position to create a more defined and model-like appearance.

For alternative methods to achieve cheek hollows, explore additional options [link to additional content].


Considering Genetic Factors

While mewing can enhance your facial aesthetics, it's important to recognize that it cannot completely alter your inherent facial features.

Your genetic makeup plays a pivotal role in determining your facial appearance, including the size and shape of your cheekbones and the potential for cheek hollows.


Perfecting the Proper Swallowing Technique

Maintaining correct tongue posture is a fundamental aspect of mewing. Equally important is the proper swallowing technique.


Here's how to execute it effectively:

Proper swallow mewing

  1. When you swallow, press your tongue firmly against your palate.
  2. Ensure your facial expression remains unchanged during the swallow.
  3. You should feel your thyroid rising during this process.


Practicing the Correct Swallow

Practice the proper swallowing technique whenever you eat or drink, but it is particularly effective when consuming liquids.

How to Correctly Swallow to get Hollow Cheeks

Avoid gulping liquids, as it tends to engage your cheeks more than your tongue.

Instead, sip liquids steadily with your tongue resting against your palate.


Try this exercise:

  1. Take a small sip of water into your mouth.
  2. Lean forward so that your mouth is pointed toward the floor.
  3. Maintain a smiling expression with your teeth showing.
  4. Swallow the water without letting your lips touch.
  5. Smiling while facing downward prevents water spillage, and your tongue forms a seal with your palate.

Repeat these steps several times and pay close attention to the position of your tongue.

The middle to back part of your tongue should exert firm pressure against your palate.

Once you're comfortable doing this without water, try it while standing to ensure you are correctly practicing mewing.


The effect of Mewing on the Buccinator Muscle

Using an improper swallowing technique can engage your buccinator muscle, located under your cheeks. Overuse of this muscle can lead to larger, puffier cheeks.

By correcting your swallowing technique with mewing, you can reduce the size of your buccinator muscles, potentially leading to atrophy.


1 year mewing results.


Atrophy involves muscle breakdown, which results in reduced tissue around your cheekbones and cheeks, contributing to a more defined and hollow appearance.

However, if you have excess fat on your cheeks, mewing alone may not achieve cheek hollows. It is advisable to lose this excess weight while practicing mewing.


How Long Until You See Results?

Progress with mewing varies from person to person.

Children and teenagers can experience visible changes within a few months due to the malleability of their bones.

Adults may take six months to several years to see substantial progress. While bone malleability persists regardless of age, adults may require more time to observe significant changes.

However, buccinator muscle atrophy can occur after several months of consistent mewing, making cheek hollows attainable in a relatively short time for adults.

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