How Mewing Can Change Your Face: The Truth About Facial Widening

Comparison image of facial changes after 8 months of mewing showing widened facial features.


Does Mewing Really Widen the Face? Evidence and Analysis


 Mewing, a term that has gained significant traction within the realm of facial aesthetics, refers to a technique advocated by Dr. John Mew.

This method emphasizes the importance of proper tongue posture, asserting that consistent application can lead to structural changes in the face, particularly the widening of the cheekbones, maxilla, and jaw.



Mewing Widens the Face Before and after

8 month Mewing Before & After (Notice the widening of the face)



The Mechanism Behind Facial Widening

At the heart of mewing is the principle that sustained pressure can remodel bone structure over time. 

Mewing And Wolff's law: How Bone Adapt to Pressure

Bone remodeling, a continuous process where old bone tissue is replaced by new, plays a crucial role in mewing.

The pressure applied by proper tongue posture stimulates osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation) in the facial bones, particularly around the maxilla.

This gentle, continuous pressure can lead to subtle changes in bone structure over time, contributing to the widening of the face.



How does Mewing Widen the face? 

The principle behind mewing's ability to widen the face is rooted in biomechanics and anatomy. Mewing applies multidirectional pressure on the palate, which is directly linked to the maxilla.

How does Mewing widen the face?
This sustained pressure encourages the maxilla to widen, subsequently broadening the cheekbones.
Additionally, the practice incorporates chewing exercises that strengthen the masseter muscles, further enhancing facial width through muscle development and bone adaptation.
A critical aspect of mewing, known as facial upswing, involves the upward and forward movement of the maxilla.
Mewing Before And After: 3 years
This movement not only enhances the prominence of the cheekbones and jawline but also shortens the midface, creating an illusion of a wider face.



The Holistic Benefits of Mewing In wrapping up, the article will highlight the multifaceted benefits of mewing, not only in terms of facial aesthetics but also in promoting better breathing patterns and oral health.

By adopting mewing as part of a comprehensive approach to well-being, individuals can work towards achieving a wider, more defined facial structure while enhancing their overall quality of life.

Want To learn All that you Need to Know about Mewing?

This extended format allows for a deeper exploration of mewing and its impact on facial structure, providing readers with a thorough understanding of the technique and practical advice for implementation.


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