Before and After Mewing: 6 Month Transformation Analysis

Side-by-side comparison of a woman's facial profile before and after six months of mewing, highlighting changes in jawline definition, cheekbone prominence, and overall facial structure.

Analyzing a 6-Month Mewing Transformation: Before and After Results

The images appear to show a transformation of a person's facial profile, possibly as a result of "mewing" a technique that involves positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth to potentially influence the jawline and oral posture over time.


6 months of mewing


Here's an analysis of the changes observed:

  1. Jawline Definition: There seems to be a slight increase in the definition of the jawline. Mewing may have contributed to this by encouraging proper tongue posture, which can theoretically influence the muscles in the area and possibly affect the bone structure over a long period.

  2. Nasolabial Angle: The angle between the upper lip and the nose may appear slightly more acute. This could be due to changes in the muscle tone around the mouth and nose from consistent tongue posture, although it's also very subtle and can be influenced by facial expression.

  3. Cheekbone Visibility: There is a hint of more pronounced cheekbones. This could be related to the purported effects of mewing on the maxilla (upper jaw bone), which, when properly aligned, can give the appearance of higher cheekbones.

  4. Under-Eye Area: There's a slight reduction in the prominence of the under-eye area. Mewing proponents suggest that correct oral posture can influence the positioning of the maxilla, potentially affecting the area under the eyes.

  5. Lip Posture: There may be a slight change in the closure of the lips. Proper tongue posture encourages the natural closure of the mouth, which can lead to changes in the resting position of the lips.

  6. Ear Position: While it may be due to head positioning or camera angle, the ears appear to be slightly more aligned with the rest of the facial features. This could be an optical illusion created by changes in the facial structure or just variability in the way the photos were taken.


It's important to note that while proponents of mewing claim it can result in structural changes to the jaw and face, there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims.


3 years transformation



Changes in facial structure are typically subtle and slow, often taking years, and are influenced by a multitude of factors including genetics, age, and overall health. 

The transformation seen in these images over six months are subtle, and while they may be attributed to mewing, they could also be influenced by factors such as weight loss, changes in facial expression, or camera angles.


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